Footsie Chicks – Showbiz Feet

We all know that show business can be immodest, wicked and exciting at the same time. But hearing things or seeing celebrity feet in action is two totally different experience. Let’s put gossips aside and see what is happening exactly behind the scenes. So camera, footjob, act… go!




Footsie Honeys – Longing for the Doctor

It appears to be these therapy sessions acquire indeed wrong nowadays. Not sufficiently that Dr. Jones cannot help to cure his sex-addict patient (see greater quantity about this story on Club Sandy), but even Dr. Preston breaks his oath and makes a sexual relation with one of her patients, which is unethical, but definitely sexy.




Footsie Hotties – Anarchy Rising

Sexy punk anarchist Alby doesn’t believe in social norms, rules, or binds. She born to be free… free to do whatever that babe has the mood for. And today that babe has the mood for a hot foot-action with a handsome young chap, Danny. The heavily inked, sexy punk angel uses her mouth, cookie and her lengthy toes to rub her prey to a mind-blowing climax.




Footsie Chicks – Slender and Pliant

Danny’s recent girlfriend, Jessa Rhodes is skinny, flexible and hawt, but majority importantly naughty like hell. Danny has a hard time to satisfy the waggish girl’s crave, who has neat little tricks to tease the boy, making him mad with arousal, and then use her warm wet cookie and agile lil’ feet to milk his schlong.




Footsie Hotties – Play with me feet instead!

Skylar watched Alan messing with his gadgets, when she wanted some attention. But she had the right tools to acquire Alan’s. Like a cat, that babe prowled at him, putting her nice-looking feet into worthy use around the man’s shaft, rubbing it previous to this babe utilized his arousal in the way this babe wanted to.




Footsie Honeys – A bit of these toes

Danny wanted to receive a bit of those beautiful toes… this chab wanted to suckle them, to take up with the tongue them, to kiss them and to feel them curling around his knob. So this chab told it to Marie and guess what… who dares wins. Danny receives the footjob of his life from the cutie, and in return this stud gives ‘em every droplet of cum she worked for.




Footsie Sweethearts – High heels seduction

Emily Austin walked over the heart of countless stud with her gorgeous feet, her high heels leaving many hearts broken and aching for more. Bill is favourable enough to catch Emily’s attention, and Emily graces him with her mesmerizing feet, giving him the footjob of his life.




Footsie Women – The Feet Dossier

Phoenix Marie’s expertise is not restricted to handling files, making deals or organize business. That babe has a quite special skill set that involves the usage of her slim feet. Today that babe puts this very enthralling ability into a precious use when this babe gives a footjob that Danny at no time had in advance of… certainly, all for the right price.




Footsie Chicks – Fine-Tuning

Lola Foxx brought her car to the mechanic for some fine-tuning, because she wanted the engine to run smoother and to save some fuel, but in the end things got a surprising turn, and in the end, she was the one giving a ‘tuning’ with her pleasing feet around the mechanic’s schlong… enchanting!




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